Originally known as Sagar Builders & Rekha Construction, established in the year 1980 in Surat, the company was set up with an objective to 'conceptualise, create and deliver better space that enriches lives & lifestyles'. Regardless of size or location of a project, company's core philosophy is reflected in each and every project.

Together with this philosophy, we have adopted Trust, Tradition & Technology as our new mantra which actually has familial connections.

The name 'DMD' is derived from the names of the family members;
D stands for Dharam Patel – the man of Trust.
M stands for Manju Patel – wife, who values Traditions.
D stands for Dhwanil Patel – son, who believes future is new age Technology.

We strongly believe that we are not just into construction but in the business of building of trust. Thus, our ever guiding principle has been to commit what is deliverable, and then to delight our customers by over delivering. DMD Group's reputation is a manifestation of our commitment to deliver. And over deliver.